MCI Club Insurance Panel

Insurer Gross Rate Net rate Gross Rate Net rate
Aegon 201.65 196.65 4yrs 252.36 246.05 4yrs
AIG 192.79 187.97 4yrs 241.23 235.20 4yrs
Aviva  202.20 197.16 4yrs 253.06 246.74 4yrs
Royal London 192.92 188.10 4yrs 241.45 235.41 4yrs
EFF 182.56 178.35 3yrs n/a n/a n/a
L&G  196.19 191.29 4yrs 245.54 239.40 4yrs
LV (Life&CIC)  197.45 192.51 4yrs 247.05 240.87 4yrs
LV (life&CIC) 172.65 168.33 2yrs n/a n/a n/a
Zurich 184.28 179.55 4yrs 258.21 251.75 4yrs

Panel Notes:

  • Rates given are example rates for policies with a term in excess of 12 years at the outset. Different commission rates will apply for alternative terms.
  • The rates above are the terms that MCI will receive via our suppliers who may in addition take a share of the total commission. Intermediaries will receive commission at the net published rates. MCI will receive an amount which is the difference between the gross and net amounts.  The product information illustration from the insurance company may show a higher total gross commission figure which represents the total commission from which all parties will receive their respective share of the commission.
  • Some insurers enable submission of either indemnity or non-indemnity on one agency. Please contact MCI Club on 01275 400 669 for further details.

Registration Notes:

  • Please note that Insurance Providers differ in procedures and each will review your existing agencies and may not always agree to transfer to MCI Club terms or may wish to alter clawback periods. Each request will be considered individually. MCI Club agency team will not make any changes to your existing agencies without your consent.
  • MCI Club agency team will be in touch to advise you of any additional forms or agreements / requirements from each individual insurance provider in regard to setting agencies up.